Vaka for over 70 years

Vaka was founded in 1949 by Danish people, Hans Frost and Niels Jörgensen. The company’s original purpose was outlined in a press release in Morgunblaðin on the 28th. September 1949.

The Vaka company has taken on many types of relief work. It has a tow truck ready day or night to go to the scene if there is an accident, if vehicles are damaged so that they are not in a drivable condition, if vehicles go off the road or get stuck in the snow, etc. s. etc.

To this day, these are Vaka’s main projects, and the company has therefore been in the hands of car owners for over 70 years.

In 1958, Hjalti Stefánsson acquired the company and ran it until 1974, when he sold it to Ingólfur Sigurðsson and his family.

In 2004, the brothers Einar and Sveinn Ásgeirsson bought the company and have been running it ever since.

Vaka provides multi-faceted services related to automobiles, and most people are familiar with Vaka’s tow truck service and Vökuportið, where you could pick up spare parts for cars for a long time. Tire service is also an important part of the business, both the sale of new and used tires as well as retreading and balancing. Vaka is also the largest receiver of cars for disposal and receives around 400 cars every month.

Today, the company has around 30 employees.

Questions and answers about Vaka's activities

Yes, we remove cars from private parking spaces, but then the owner of the parking space in question must send a request for removal. If the parking space is managed by a housing association, the request must come from the chairman of the housing association or a person who can be proven to have the authority of the housing association to demand eviction.
It is best to call us on 567 6700 and get confirmation that your car is with us. You can then come to us at Héðinsgata 2 and redeem it against the payment of the costs of transport, registration and storage.

Yes, Vaka is the largest receiver of scrap cars in Iceland. You can fill out a request for the disposal of a car on this page and we will prepare a return certificate that you hand over to the Transport Agency. We will pick up the car for free within the capital area, but you can also bring it to us at Héðinsgatu 2.

You will receive ISK 20,000 from the Processing Fund.