Automotive service

Vehicle transportation

Do you need to have a car, forklift, work machine, motorcycle or other vehicle towed?
Vaka provides emergency road assistance 24/7 all year round.

Vaka tow truck service transports all types of vehicles and has emergency service 24 hours a day.

Whatever the reason and whether the car is being transported between owners, for repair or disposal, we have at our disposal premium equipment and well-trained employees who carry out these tasks both quickly and safely.

Vaka also removes vehicles that are located on a lot in spite of the owner and vehicles that are parked privately or illegally.

Roadside assistance

We help if the car is bothering you.

  • We open most locked cars
  • We help with stuck cars
  • We give you a start if you are without electricity
  • We help you with fuel if the tank is empty
  • We’ll tow you to a charging station if the power goes out
  • We change tires and pump them if necessary

Vaka roadside assistance is available in the capital area bounded by Leirvogstunga at Vesturlandsveg, Norðlingaholt at Suðurlandsveg and Straumsvík at Reykjanesbraut.