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Tire service

Vaka tire service is located at Héðinsgatu 2, where Vaka main business takes place. There, we offer premium services provided by highly trained employees and done on first-class machines.

Vaka also offers a selection of new tires from Sailun. We also offer a large selection of used tires that are specially inspected by employees for tread depth and discolouration.

We also have a large selection of used premium rims in all sizes.



Wrapping at Vaka usually takes between 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle and the size of the tires. When you bring the car in for a wrap, we check the rims for damage, check the tire valves, put the correct air pressure in the tires and balance each tire. It is necessary to check the hardening of rim rims after approximately 60 kilometers of driving, and you can bring the car to us and we will check the hardening for you.


Balance mode

Ensuring tires are properly balanced is important, but unbalanced tires have a significant impact on a car’s drivability and fuel consumption. As tires wear, an imbalance can develop that can be corrected with a balance adjustment. Hitting the bike equipment can also cause imbalance, such as when driving on a curb or in a deep pothole.



Tires are one of the car’s most important safety features, and to maximize tire life, it is important to move the tires between the axles approximately every 10,000 kilometers. There is much more stress on the front tires than the rear tires and they wear out faster. We also recommend that all tires be balanced at the same intervals to maximize driving safety and minimize wear.

Surroundings - passenger cars

Surroundings - passenger cars