Most of the time, the owner of the car is the person who wants it to be moved from place to place. If, on the other hand, it happens that the removal of a vehicle owned by a third party must be demanded, the request must come from the competent party.

I. Authorization to remove a car owned by a third party

If a request is received for a vehicle/object owned by a third party to be removed from a private plot, the request must come from the person in charge of the plot in question, whether it is a registered owner or a tenant under a registered lease agreement or a housing association on behalf of the owners.

The person wishing to have the vehicle/item removed may be required to cover the minimal cost of transport and storage. This would only happen if the registered owner of the vehicle/part does not collect his property, fails to issue a payment challenge, or fails to sell the vehicle/part for minimum cost at a magistrate’s auction.

The minimum fee is according to the valid tariff of Vaka hf. each time. Transport costs, registration fee and three days storage. See

In order for a transfer request to be carried out, Vaka needs the social security number of the representative of the person requesting the transfer as well as the name and telephone number of the contact person.

II. Responsibility of the applicant in case of lack of authorization

The removal requester declares that he has full and unlimited authority to demand removal of the vehicle, from where it is. If it turns out that the applicant lacks such authorization, the applicant is responsible for all costs that the owner of the vehicle may incur as a result of its removal.

III. Scope

The above terms apply within the capital region. This service outside the capital area must be negotiated separately.